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Switch uptime command

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on ASL 3 (and 4 I think), human-readable uptime can be seen by typing w You'll have to su first, or cheat (set suid on w) for TOP, ps auxw will give you most of the info, you'll just have to figure out how to sort it (use perl or sort or sed or whatever P) Or just install ASL 5. Or get the pluspack and compile pstools or whatever it's called.

Command.checkuptime -u days -c 1. Output Uptime CRITICAL 25 day(s) 20 hour(s) 11 minute(s) uptime25.000000;;1.000000; System Uptime Shorter Than 1 Day. The checkuptime plugin does not provide this check type, however you can use the negate plugin to invert the returned result from the plugin (hence making CRITICAL an OK state).

DISMAN-EVENT-MIBsysUpTimeInstance Timeticks (37673001) 4 days, 83800.00 Running the command "snmpget -M MIBs -v1 -c public myrouter ." retrieved the value "37673001" which is a time tick value that corresponds to 4 days, 8 hours and 38 minutes.

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Unifi OS SSH Commands. When you connect to your UDM Pro (or another controller that is running Unifi OS), then you will have a couple of other options Command..

Displays the uptime for the switch. switchcfgspeed. To set speed for all the ports on the switch Note - 0auto negotiated 1,2,4 Gbitsec , 1 1Gbitsec , 2 2 Gbitsec. HPSwitch5XXX Cisco HP system view.

Set networking IP (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) addresses using the command IPAddress<x> IPAddress1 The sign (It can be understood as the sign) is used only for meaning explanation reference IPAddress1 set device IP address Note.

If you need to find information on all available parameters, we need to use the following command uptime --h Output Usage uptime options Options -p, --pretty show uptime in pretty format -h, --help display this help and exit -s, --since system up since -V, --version output version information and exit For more details see uptime (1).

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Ad hoc commands are used in Ansible to perform tasks or operations that are needed on an immediate basis, or only once, based upon the requirement. In other words, these are tasks that a user wants to be performed on the fly but doesn't want to be saved for later use. Ansible modules can be called using ansible command.

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Common display Commands The device provides various display commands to display hardware, interface, and software information. The information helps you locate various faults. The following table lists the commands used to.

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